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February 6, 2014

D-Node 233: The Advent | Kombination Research

The Advent is a legendary name in techno's history, and Cisco Ferreira is the man behind the name. A sound engineer for bands in the mid-'80s, toward the end of the decade he got into London's underground scene and worked on the records of Midwestern techno and house pioneers through the UK label Jack Trax. By 1988 he had his first record out as The Project on a very young R&S Records. A few years later and many records past, he was releasing as The Advent with Colin McBean, and perhaps more...

August 30, 2012

D-Node 171: Jason Fernandes | Skyline Type Grooves

The past couple of years UK artist Jason Fernandes has put out an impressive number of releases across several labels such as Drumcode, Phobic, Gynoid, and his debut album Forget Expectation came out on his own Skyline Type Grooves this year. Fernandes continues to gain support for his releases and attention for his skills as a DJ presenting an immediate dance sound. SoundCloud | Twitter | Beatport Download | See Other Podcasts Tracklist Jason Fernandes Droid Mix Jon ...