July 17, 2012

D-Node 165: Lenny Posso | Thema

Lenny Posso's traveled the ranks of NYC dance music culture over the past two decades. From a dancer to a DJ/producer, to an event promoter and label manager, he's given his pushed and relished in all things techno, and in recent years has set his focus on Thema Recordings. 30+ releases deep in techno and house, the label has expanded to the harder-grooved Chronicle sublabel featuring Terrence Dixon as Population One on its first outing. Posso's mix for D-Node features, as usual, some of ...

November 30, 2011

D-Node 138: Aubrey | Solid Groove UK

  A UK original, Aubrey AKA Allen Saei released his first record in 1990 with the hardcore track "Voices of Energy." Along with another English classic Mark Ambrose, Aubrey then went on to found Solid Groove and its sublabels Textures and Dark, exploring different sides of techno and house as a DJ, prolific producer, and label head for over two decades. Last year his re-release of Evacuation / Shimmer struck a nerve within the techno house community, due to its original power and ...