DROID BLOG ARCHIVE - November, 2012

November 29, 2012

D-Node 181: Truncate Live at Berghain

This week we're pleased to share a 3-hour DJ set from Droid's own Truncate, also known as Audio Injection, recorded live during his Droid tour appearance at Berghain in Berlin. The man's been on a roll these past couple of years with hugely successful records on Droid, Enemy, Modularz, Historia y Violencia, and his own Truncate label as well as licensing deals on Cocoon and Ben Klock's highly acclaimed Fabric mix CD. His tracks are top choices for top DJs, and his production prowess is refle...

November 28, 2012


Following the Droid European tour and 10 year anniversary, Droid Behavior makes their collective debut in New York on Saturday December 15th with assistance from Oktave and Sama. Residents Drumcell, Truncate, and Raíz live PA will perform along with special guests. Video manipulation by Oktaform. RSVP for discount entry and to ensure entry to the event/receive information at rsvp@droidbehavior.com limited presales also here at http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?417269 CLICK HERE ...

November 20, 2012

D-Node 180: Plexor | Futra

Originally from Milwaukee but now a fixture of the Los Angeles scene, Eric Hanson (AKA Eezir) returns to D-Node under his techno-oriented Plexor guise for an hour of music that begins subdued and heavy, journeys into harder and darker territory, and emerges with ethereal melody. Included in the mix is his remix of Bombardier's "Wolves," coming out soon on Low Res Records. Get it now and take it for the weekend... Download | See Other Podcasts For anyone in LA, Plexor will be ...

November 9, 2012

D-Node 179: Advanced Human | Elektrax

Advanced Human has a long history as a DJ, starting in 1988 as DJ Hi-Shock, and in recent years he's come to lead the Elektrax Music label group, which includes Elektrax Recordings, Gynoid Audio, Android Muziq, Darknet and Hypnotic Room. The Australian Elektrax head has released his own sounds through labels like Synewave, Counter Pulse, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, and Gynoid Audio, the latest of which is a 3-track contribution to the Counter Pulse series. His trademark sound is based on ex...

November 8, 2012


For a decade Droid Behavior has pursued and realized its vision of techno in Los Angeles and beyond. The vinyl label, which features as well as develops international artists, has been supported and licensed by key players and groups in the music industry. Aside from the releases, Droid has pushed its message through alternative media such as podcasts, videos, and interviews, helping the group expand its global presence. All these transmissions as well dozens of releases and remixes have con...

November 1, 2012

D-Node 178: Shifted Live at Tar & Feathered NYC

Back in June, Tar & Feathered brought UK artist Shifted to perform in New York City. One of techno's more promising stars, Shifted released his focused debut album Crossed Paths to wide acclaim this year on Luke Slater's Mote-Evolver, and Droid thanks Tar & Feathered for choosing us to share this blinding 2-hour peaktime excerpt from the night for your enjoyment. Download | See Other Podcasts Selected Media: